I have recently completed my PhD at UCLA, under the supervision of Tyler Burge. I am interested in traditional metaphysical issues such as the nature of agency and mind – in particular, the nature of guidance, visual attention, and perception. I approach these issues by reflecting on current empirical research. I would like to build on such an empirically informed deeper understanding to address questions about epistemic and practical norms.


Currently, I am pursuing projects on psychological and primitive agency, visual attention and its relation to visual perception, the epistemology of vision, and the relation between attention and negligence. I have also worked on concept possession, incomplete understanding, and the epistemology of reasoning.

You can find an abstract of my dissertation Psychological Agency: Guidance of Visual Attention here.

Published Papers: “Incomplete Understanding of Complex Numbers. Girolamo Cardano – A Case Study in the Acquisition of Mathematical Concepts.” Synthese 191(17) (2014): 4231- 4252 (http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11229-014-0527-x)

“How is Epistemic Reasoning Possible?” Abstracta 5(4) (2009): 7-20 (http://abstracta.oa.hhu.de/index.php/abstracta/article/viewFile/124/109)

Work in Progress:

Core Agential Control

Shifts Guided by the Individual

I am currently teaching at UCLA. In Winter 2015 I teach a class on ‘Animal Action.’ In Spring 2015 I teach a class on ‘The Epistemic Role of Visual Attention.’ In the past, I have taught classes on Aesthetics (Summer 2013) and Attention (Summer 2014) for the philosophy department at UCLA.